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Candy Cane
  • Candy Cane

    Candy Canes are a traditional decoration at Christmas time.  So, why not add a candy cane wreath to your holiday decorations! It doesn't take up a lot of room so its ideal for those small spaces that need a little something. 


    Measurements: 14" (W) x 21" (H) x 5" (Deep)


    This wreath is intended for indoor use but can be hung outdoors with care. To prolong the life of the wreath and safeguard against damage and/or rapid fading, it is best not to hang it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or severe weather conditions. 


    The wreath will come securely attached inside a quality shipping box in order to prevent any damage during shipment. The box can be retained so it can be reused for storage if necessary. Detailed instructions on how to remove the wreath from the box and/or reattach it for storage purposes will be provided inside the box.

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